This Season

Played November 29 - December 31, 2018

The 1940s Radio Hour

Join us as we go back in time, to the show that inspired and launched the Stardust series. First performed at Harlequin in 1993, The 1940s Radio Hour was the first Holiday show on our stage.

February 28 - March 23

Love and Information

In this fast moving kaleidoscope, more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know.

May 2 - May 25

A Doll’s House

Nora Helmer enjoys a comfortable life with her family and loves her husband Torvald beyond reason. But has she been nothing to him but a toy?

June 20 - July 20

Man of La Mancha

A single ensemble of musician/actors play fresh new orchestrations that mash a Flamenco guitar ensemble with a Mexican Banda band in this newly realized production.

August 22 - September 14


Raw emotions run high in this intense work. Una is looking for answers, not vengeance. Nevertheless, the consequences are shattering.

October 3 - October 26

The Women

This brilliant play has assumed the status of a modern classic. Aside from the novelty of its involving a large cast of women (no male characters at all) it is an immensely entertaining panorama of our modern metropolitan world from the feminine viewpoint.