We do not have a resident company of actors here at Harlequin, and as such we are always looking for new talent for our stage. Auditions for specific productions throughout the season are by invitation only. These invitations usually come out of various general auditions. Harlequin holds local generals once a year, and attends the Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) generals twice annually.


While we do not hold specific Equity auditions, Harlequin does occasionally hire Equity actors on an AEA-GA Tier II contract. If you are not available for our local generals and are not planning on auditioning with the TPS generals, please see “Submissions for a Particular Production” below.


If you are local, please attend our general auditions. If you are a Seattle based actor, please also consider our generals. If you audition at TPS and are interested in working with us, please make your interest known by emailing casting. If we are interested in seeing your work for a specific production, we will contact you directly.

General Auditions

Olympia: Monday, July 9, 2018, 5-9pm
Seattle: Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 5-9pm

Please submit your headshot and resume to be considered for an appointment (see “How to Submit” below).

Prepare two contrasting monologues, totaling no more than 3 minutes. Singers may perform one monologue and one vocal selection, a capella (no accompanist will be provided). Bring a current headshot and résumé, and please leave the props at home.

Submissions for a Particular Production

If you are interested in a particular production please do let us know by submitting your headshot, résumé, and a note of interest. Let us know what show and role you’re interested in, and we will be happy to consider you.

How to Submit

Please send an electronic headshot and résumé (in PDF format) to casting@harlequinproductions.org. Please, no snailmail submissions and no phone calls.

Harlequin is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our casting and in all areas of our work. We seek to tell stories that represent our world, and therefore strongly encourage actors of underrepresented groups to audition.