Murder in the Cathedral

2000 Classic Drama
Played January 20 - February 5, 2000 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Murder in the Cathedral



David Wright
Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury View
Katherine Miller
1st Chorus View
Megan Sanders
2nd Chorus View
Krista Severeid
3rd Chorus View
John Pratt
1st Priest View
Jim Ingersoll
2nd Priest View
Russ Holm
3rd Priest View
Jason Haws
4th Priest View
Scot Whitney
1st Tempter/1st Knight View
Benny McKonkey
2nd Tempter/2nd Knight View
Jim Fulkerson
3rd Tempter/3rd Knight View
Peter Kappler
4th Tempter/4th Knight View