1999 Musical
Played July 2 - July 24, 1999 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm



Who knew that the lives and dreams of presidential assassins could make such a wonderful musical, exploring a twisted fun-house world of the American Dream gone awry.


Joey Calveri
Balladeer View
Noel Barbuto
John Wilkes Booth View
Jana Tyrrell
Sara Jane Moore View
Emily Knapp
Squeaky Fromme View
Sean Naughton
John Hinkley, Jr. View
Louis Hobson
Leon Czolgasz View
Shawn Riley
Charles Guiteau View
Jack Arend
Giuseppe Zangara View
Peter Kappler
Lee Harvey Oswald View
Andrew Gordon
Sam Byck View
Kathleen Gallagher
Emma Goldman/Ensemble View
Derik Nelson
Billy/Boy View
Jamal Brown
Ensemble View
Quinn Roberts
Ensemble View
Brianna Kramer
Ensemble View
Greg Fryhling
Ensemble View


Ian Eisendrath
Conductor/Keyboard 1 View
Jessica Crawford
Keyboard 2 View
Nancy Curtis
Woodwinds 1 View
Adrienne West
Woodwinds 2 View
Syd Potter
Trumpet View
Pat Jeffries
Trombone View
David Broyles
Guitar/Banjo View
Rick Jarvela
Bass View
Darlene Jones
Drums View