Operation: Stardust

1996 Holiday
Played November 29 - December 15, 1996 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Operation: Stardust


The Stardust team has signed up for a USO tour with Bob Hope, but a paperwork snafu sends them to an obscure outpost in the Sahara, instead. With no snow and no “Hope” in sight, they settle in to entertain the troops in their own way.


Jason Levergood
Private Joe Divitz View
Jesse Hinds
Private Joe Divitz (Dec 4-7) View
Jim Ingersoll
Private Bill Monroe View
Linda Morris
Nadine Owens View
Andrew Gordon
Harry Hamilton View
Karen Naughton
Barbara Simms View
Kathleen Gallagher
Rosemary Wyatt View
Emily Knapp
Jeanette Dale View
Jeff Kingsbury
Ray Fontaine View
Russ Holm
Sergeant James Avery View


Troy Fisher
Tommy Fox, piano View
Alan Fuller
Biff Baker, woodwinds View
Rick Jarvela
Private Dexter Brown, bass View
Chuck Oldright
Private Pete Radisson, percussion View