Falsettos Publicity Photos

June 5, 2023

Photos by Shanna Paxton Photography.

Harlequin Productions presents Falsettos by William Finn and James Lapine, the Tony Award-winning musical celebrating the continuously evolving “modern” family. Set in New York City from 1979 – 1981, the production stars Jon Lutyens*, Meg McLynn, Nicholas Main, Bruce Haasl, Kristen Natalia, Karin Terry, and Josh Doyle. Running June 30 – July 22, 2023 at the State Theater in downtown Olympia, WA. Directed by Corey McDaniel, with music direction by Aaron Lamb.

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Chosen family: Karin Terry as neighbor Cordelia, Nicholas Main as Marvin’s lover Whizzer, Jon Lutyens* as Marvin, Meg McLynn as Marvin’s wife Trina, Josh Doyle as their son Jason, and Bruce Haasl as Marvin’s psychiatrist (and later Trina’s husband) Mendel. Kristen Natalia, not available for this shoot, plays Dr. Charlotte, Cordelia’s partner.
Conventional family: Josh Doyle as Jason, with Jon Lutyens* as his father Marvin, and Meg McLynn as his mother Trina. Before the action of Falsettos begins, Marvin and Trina have separated and Marvin has begun a relationship with Whizzer, played by Nicholas Main.
Tensions mounting: Karin Terry plays Cordelia, a neighbor of Trina’s. Whizzer, played by Nicholas Main, captures Marvin’s heart before the action begins, leaving his wife Trina and his young son Jason to pick up the pieces.
Whizzer and Marvin, played by Nicholas Main and Jon Lutyens*
New love: Trina and Mendel, Marvin’s psychiatrist, fall in love and marry over the course of the action.
Time heals: Jason forms a strong bond with Whizzer over the course of the piece.
Moving forward: by the end of the piece, tensions have healed. Marvin continues to parent Jason with Mendel and Trina
* Denotes membership in the Actor’s Equity Association