Henry V

1998 Shakespeare
Played February 19 - March 7, 1998 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Henry V


Our production is mounted by a straggly band of traveling actors with a pageant wagon. Their own humble existence provides a stark and poignant contrast to the pageantry, valor and nobility they long to evoke. Eight actors play 38 roles in Shakespeare’s most spectacular history play.


Andrew Heffernan
King Henry V View
Andrew Gordon
Exeter/Nym/MacMorris/Bates View
Jim Ingersoll
Cambridge/Mistress Quickly/Alice/York Gower/Ely/Rambures/French Soldier View
Emily Knapp
Bedford/Boy/Katherine/Messenger View
Darren Mills
Company Dresser View
Linda Morris
Pistol/Montjoy/Orleans/Grey/Isabella View
Micah Tolman
Dauphin/Captain/Jamy/Salisbury/Scroop/Williams View
David Wright
Chorus/Bardolph/French Governor/Burgundy/Constable/Ambassador View
Rollie Wulff
Canterbury/Fleullen/Erpingham/Charles VI of France/Westmoreland View