1994 Chamber Opera
Played October 28 - October 30, 1994 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm



Harlequin Productions and the Olympia Chamber Orchestra unite to bring you this world premiere. Based on the life of jazz saxophonist Billy Tipton, a woman who successfully passed as a man for fifty years. The opera explores the enigma and catastrophic cost of her choice to disguise her gender to perform in a man’s world.


Jana Tyrrell
Billy Tipton View
Jeff Kingsbury
William View
Megan Hook
Vita Mae View
Troy Fisher
Doug Clark View
Kathleen Dahlen
Dorothy View
Jack Arend
Anonymous Caller/Young Man/Man View
Melissa Backstrom
Chorus/Reporter/Nightclub Billy View
Stephanie Claire
Chorus/Reporter View
Heidi Fredericks
Company/Cocktail Waitress View
Kathleen Gallagher
Chorus/Journalist/Nancy View
Andrew Gordon
Company/Producer View
Roxanne Krieg
Chorus/Reporter/Publisher View
Linda Morris
Chorus/Reporter/Young Woman/Woman View


Olympia Chamber Orchestra
Musicians View