Scott Douglas

In 1 season and 1 show at Harlequin:
Scott has performed with many Olympia theater companies including Olympia Little Theatre (C.S. Lewis, Shadowlands; Circle Mirror Transformation), Theater Artists Olympia (The Complete Works of Wm Shakespeare, Abridged), and Olympia Family Theater (Owl, The House at Pooh Corner; Sheriff of Nottingham, The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood). Scott and his husband are now the core production team behind Animal Fire Theatre where he has appeared in numerous “Shakespeare in the Park” productions, most recently as Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing. Other favorite roles include Julius Caesar, Polonius, Launce, and Robin Starveling/Moonshine. His directorial credits include King John with Animal Fire Theatre in 2015. When not pretending to be someone else on stage, Scott pretends to be a lawyer, proudly representing the State of Washington with the Office of the Attorney General. He remains ever grateful to his talented actor-husband who has encouraged and supported his acting endeavors.