Meet Roxanna Groves, Featured Artist for Falsettos

June 12, 2023

A selection of Roxanna Groves’s art will be on display in the State Theater Lobby during LoveOly SummerFest 2023 June 23 – 25, as well as throughout the run of Falsettos, from June 30 – July 22.

An Artist Reception to welcome Roxanna Groves to Harlequin will take place on Thursday, June 29 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. All are welcome! Light refreshments will be served.

Artist Roxanna Groves

About the Artist

I have been a Creative since I was old enough to hold a crayon and go after the walls. Luckily,
I outgrew that propensity and moved on to other materials. If I were a bird, it would be a magpie
because I have stuffed my studio with Strange and Fascinating objects Which Serve No Useful
Purpose. I am a passionate gardener and in the summer my gardens are my art, an ever-changing canvas filled with color.

Good Advice #1, Make Your Bed

My world is filled with play, possibilities and ideas. I am passionate about reworking and reusing old things, glass, metal, china, wood and paper. What if…. is my mantra.

Good Advice #2, Be a Helper

I have had the rubric “whimsical” applied to my work for many years, and I love that my paintings wind up places like laundry rooms, kitchens or hung over the dog door to remind the animals to come home. It makes me happy when I hear someone laugh out loud when they see one of my pieces. To that end, and to make my work affordable, I’ve created an entire line of postcards of my work so it can be shared. I think it’s important that we put down our phones and communicate in the real world—and postcards are carbon light, no envelope to the landfill and they bring joy to a mailbox.

Good Advice #3, Always Eat Breakfast

I am always intrigued by pattern and design and textiles, traditionally woman’s work. Quilts, rugs, wallpapers, old china; all go into surface decoration of my pieces.
This series is called Good Advice. I asked everyone I knew for their best life advice. I like expressing the advice through animals, I seldom paint people because the work becomes about the people not the idea. Enjoy this herd, I hope it makes you laugh out loud.

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