Theatre Etiquette

Real. Live. Theatre. differs from something like the movies in many ways. While we want you to feel welcome and comfortable at all times, a few things will help you and those around you enjoy your experience more.

  1. Come early. Late seating is disruptive to the audience members, and to the actors onstage. In fact, for many shows, late seating is at the discretion of the stage manager and director, and may not be allowed.
  2. Turn OFF your cell phone. While most of us remember that a cell phone ring is not part of the show, please turn off the phone. Texting is distracting to the audience members around you, as well as to the actors, since it immediately lights you up so you can be seen from the stage.
  3. No photography or recording of any kind. We are a professional theatre, and this is strictly prohibited by the licensing agencies and the stage union. Please respect these rules.
  4. Use the restroom before the show and at intermission. Getting up during the performance is disruptive to both your fellow audience members and to the actors onstage. If you MUST get up, please go UP the stairs to exit, and not down – going down the stairs will force you to walk in front of the stage, for the entire audience (and cast) to see. If you do get up during the show, you may not be allowed to enter the theatre again until a suitable break in the performance.
  5. Be respectful of those around you. Please do not talk once the performance has begun. In addition, please unwrap any cough drops or hard candies before the performance begins.
  6. Most importantly: Have FUN!