This Flat Earth

2020 Current Events
October 11 - October 17, 2020 Evenings at 7:30pm

This Flat Earth


At a middle school in a seaside town, the unthinkable has happened, placing a bewildered community in the national spotlight. Stuck at home in a state of shocked limbo, Julie and Zander, two twelve-year-olds, try to make sense of the chaos they witnessed, their awkward crushes, and an infinitely more complicated future — but the grown-ups are no help at all. An urgent response to our times, This Flat Earth is a startling and deeply felt story of growing up in our confounding world.


KHQP Radio Theatre

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estimated run time 1 hr 30 mins
  • House Opens We will be live on the air 15 minutes prior to show time.
  • Act 1 (90 mins)
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Opening Night Sun, Oct 11
7:30 PM
Tue, Oct 13
7:30 PM
Wed, Oct 14
7:30 PM
Thu, Oct 15
7:30 PM
Fri, Oct 16
7:30 PM
Sat, Oct 17
7:30 PM