Ten Seconds in the Life of Fenwick Green

1991 Comedy
Played October 1 - October 2, 1991 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Ten Seconds in the Life of Fenwick Green


Fenwick Green believes that he can discover the secrets of the universe by sitting in his easy chair and listening profoundly to Mahler’s 9th Symphony. And it just might work, if he can focus his mind sufficiently to keep out an invasion of characters including Mahler himself, an old girlfriend, and Burl Ives’ evil twin.


Timothy Day
Fenwick Green View
Rebekah Allison
Hillary Thompson/Sheila/Jennifer Cleghorn/Xuandu View
Andrew Gordon
Gustav Mahler/Fess Parker/Scott/Craig/Gussy/Burl Ives' Evil Twin View
Linda Mathews
Ninja Prop Master View