Kathy Hsieh

In 1 season and 1 show at Harlequin:
Kathy Hsieh is an award-winning actor, writer and director. Recent projects include a variety of Zoomlandia projects and before then The Brothers Paranormal with Pork Filled Productions, Washer/Dryer with SIS Productions & Pratidhwani (Gypsy Award for acting), Romeo & Juliet with Seattle Shakespeare’s WoodenO and Raisins in a Glass of Milk.  She has also worked with Sound Theatre, ReAct, the Seattle Rep, Book-It, ACT, Intiman, Taproot, ArtsWest, The 1448 Projects, Freehold, Living Voices and more. Next up, you can catch her directing for Penguin and SIS Productions’ virtual short, new play presentation Finding Trails: Getting Lost and Pork Filled Productions’ miku and the gods.