Deathtrap: Meet the Suspects

January 14, 2024

Who will live? Who will die? And who dunnit?? Here’s your cast of characters.

Photos by Shanna Paxton Photography

Actor Russ Holm

Sidney Bruhl

The Has-Been

A once-celebrated playwright, Sidney Bruhl’s days of glory are behind him. How far will he go for a come-back?

Acto Jana Tyrrell

Myra Bruhl

The Heiress Wife

Sidney’s star has faded, and she’s got plenty of her own money to fall back on. Will she “cut” and run?

Actor Xander Layden

Clifford Anderson

The Up-and-Comer

He’s written his very first play, and it’s a corker. How far will he go to make it a hit?

Actor Teri Lee Thomas

Helgo ten Dorp

The Wild Card

She’s a famous psychic who just happens to be visiting next door. Will her violent premonitions get her killed, or push her over the edge?