COVID-19 Updates

March 3, 2020

On March 15, 2020, Governor Inslee announced a new statewide proclamation to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities. In addition, all gatherings over 50 participants are prohibited. Please see Governor Inslee’s statement here.

We strongly support all measures to protect the health of our patrons, artists, and staff. Given these new guidelines, Harlequin will suspend the final weekend of The Highest Tide and all future operations until further notice. This includes the operations of our administrative staff.  Please read our full March 16 Press Release here

This is an evolving crisis with many unknowns. If you are a ticket holder, we will honor your tickets and will contact you as soon as our plans solidify. We will humbly add that transferring your ticket to a donation supports Harlequin during these uncertain times. If you would like to contact us about your tickets, please use the form below. Our box office will not be regularly staffed during this time.


If you are not currently a sustaining member of Harlequin, please consider becoming one. Information on membership is here. The Seattle Times has provided information on how to help artists and culture workers generally. That information is here.

If you would like to contact

As of March 16, 2020:

  • suspension of current and future operations until further notice

As of March 12, 2020:

    • daily screening of our employees for symptoms
    • social distancing in our theater during performances (at least one seat separating patrons)

As of March 3, 2020:

      • sanitizing all seats, armrests, door handles and handrails prior to every performance;
      • hand sanitizer available for all patrons as they enter the theatre;
      • sanitary wipes available for all patrons as they enter the theatre;
      • hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap available in all bathrooms;
      • waiving all exchange fees for patrons during this time: if you need to change your ticket due to illness, we will be able to move you to another performance of the same production with no fee.

We encourage you to demonstrate compassion throughout this season and actively help to combat incidents of bias or social stigma. 

We are extremely fortunate to live in a region with an outstanding public health infrastructure, and are optimistic that our significant investments in public health preparedness will enable a rapid and effective response.

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