Meet Lois Beck, featured artist for Sherlock Holmes

November 11, 2019


Lois Beck


I came late to making art. During my last quarter at TESC, in 1996, I took my first art class – printmaking.  I have been hooked since then.   Making prints and doing collage are my expressions in art-making.

The past few years, abstract monoprints are what I have produced moving away from etchings and block prints.

The group of work here at Harlequin is collage and weavings I have made from papers I printed.  Using my own printed papers for collage and weaving gives me great satisfaction.

My work has been shown throughout Western Washington.  I am a member of several art groups in Olympia including Arts Olympia and Olympia Art League.

See more of Lois Beck’s work on her website at http://www.loisbeckart.com/

Welcome, Lois!