Signature Cocktail: Enzo’s Sidecar

February 23, 2018

Did you know that for every show put on by Harlequin Productions, our staff creates a customized signature cocktail?

Each play has a particular energy and aesthetic that doesn’t stay confined to the stage. Rather than simply enjoying the sights and sounds, we want to give you a complete experience when you come to the theater. So why not extend the energy and aesthetic of the story to your taste buds as well?

Each signature cocktail is designed to tie in with a particular character in the show. Sometimes, the drink looks as if it could mix right in with the props onstage—like when our blue curacao cocktail matched the exact color of the evil queen’s poison in Cymbeline.

Sometimes, the drink is more of a reflection of the character’s style and personality. During the run of I Am My Own Wife,we celebrated the simple elegance of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf with a ‘Lady in Pearls’ champagne cocktail.

For the upcoming play, The Art of Racing in the Rain, featuring a lovable, loyal canine, we have come up with a delicious drink to celebrate the central character’s love of racing. ‘Enzo’s Sidecar’ is a blend of cognac, cointreau, and lemon juice, reminiscent of a fun, wild ride, like the one Enzo enjoys around the racetrack with his owner Denny. Come try one for yourself for only $7, March 1–24 at the historic State Theater in downtown Olympia. It’s sure to be a fun evening with a heartwarming story and a delicious cocktail.