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A Comedy by Craig Wright

October 1 – 24, 2015


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About the Show

Minneapolis. The day after 9/11. When Andrew arrives at Waverly’s apartment for a blind date, the two are startled to discover a bizarre string of coincidences that seems to connect them. As Waverly tries to reach her identical twin sister (who may or may not have been in one of the Towers), their evening is further complicated by visits from her crazed-musician neighbor, Ron, his oddly-silent girlfriend, Nancy, and Waverly’s great aunt, Joyce Carol Oates—played by a sock puppet. Hilarity and audacity are the hallmarks of this lively examination of fate vs. free will that serves as a welcome balm for what still ails all of us.
This comedy contains mature language and themes.
RUN TIME: Approximately two hours including intermission.

Cast & Staff


Mark Alford — Andrew
Christian Doyle — Ron
Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe — Nancy
Eleise Moore — Stage Manager
Leah Scofield — Waverly

Artistic Staff

Scot WhitneyDirector
Linda WhitneyScenic Design
Lucy Gentry — Costume Design
Mariah Madden — Lighting Design
Amy Chisman — Asst. Lighting Design
Gina SalernoSound Design
Jeff LeighProperties Design
Michelle Page — Stage Manager


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