Harlequin Productions is a professional not-for-profit theater company in Olympia, WA, founded in 1991. Our mission is to create stimulating and enriching theatrical experiences by producing an eclectic season of new works, “buried treasures” and unconventional treatments of classics. Through a dynamic selection of surprising material we explore the human adventure in search of theatrical magic that expands perspective and inspires human empathy.

Harlequin Productions produces a year-round, seven-show season, offering over 130 performances annually. By the end of our 23rd season Harlequin Productions had mounted 145 productions, including 35 Harlequin originals and 52 world, west coast or northwest premieres. Our 21 Shakespeare productions have included many of his lesser-performed works, including ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, KING JOHN, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, THE WINTER’S TALE and CYMBELINE.

Our projects tend toward strong, language driven works, both classical and modern, by such playwrights as Tom Stoppard, Bruce Norris, Will Eno, Deborah Zoe Laufer, Martin McDonagh, Conor McPherson, Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, Moliére, Rostand, and others.

Harlequin Productions has also developed a unique reputation for its musical productions, most of which are original, including (but not limited to):

Our nineteenth (and counting) original scripts center around a 2nd-rate nightclub in lower Manhattan during the ’40s and ’50s. Each episode involves the characters battling crazy obstacles in their attempt to put up a new Holiday Show. Featuring a (fabulous!) live band and lots of holiday music, it quickly became the south Puget Sound’s favorite Holiday theatrical event. We’ve tried a couple of times to move on to something else, but our audience simply won’t have it.
We’ve created numerous summer musical revues with music pulled from the old days of R&B and rock’n’roll. Mix four of five great singer/performers with a killer band and a large dose of great music and it’s time to party!
Serious Shakespeare. Serious Rock’n’Roll. 27 original songs. We’ve produced it four times. It’s always a hit.
How do we make the fairies magical? We turn their already lyrical dialogue into songs and let them sing it.
Our wild west TAMING OF THE SHREW was based on the idea of Roy Rogers arriving in Tombstone to tame and marry Calamity Jane. We had to make Petruchio a singing cowboy, so lots of other people sang, too. Eleven original old-timey country songs.
Hey. It’s just the way we (rock &) roll.