Harlequin Productions opens its final dress rehearsal for each of its non-musical productions to a selected non-profit partner to use as a fundraiser or a thank you to donors or volunteers. The selected non-profit organization is granted access to 150 seats. The intention is to provide a win-win for the non-profit partner and Harlequin Productions. The non-profit partner gets an opportunity to raise money or to thank their generous donors or dedicated volunteers. In return, Harlequin’s cast and crew benefit greatly by having an audience for their final dress rehearsal.

The non-profit pays a nominal fee in the amount of $200 (to cover hard costs) and in return, commits to filling the 150 seats allocated to them. Filling all 150 seats is especially beneficial to both organizations.

The application may be downloaded below. Typically, five final dress slots are available each season, commencing with the winter offering that opens in January.

At the Final Dress Event

The non-profit may have a spokesperson give a brief (2-3 minute) acknowledgement of its supporters just prior to the curtain speech.

The non-profit will not be allowed to conduct any sales or fundraising activities at the final dress event. It may hand out informational materials about its mission and programs in the lobby before the event and during intermission (if there is one). These materials may contain donation information, but collection of donations that evening will not be appropriate.

It is important that the non-profit partner clearly state in its promotion of the event that tickets provide admission to a “final dress rehearsal” and not a regular performance. This audience will have the exciting experience of participating in the final steps that a cast makes toward its performance run. Prior to this final rehearsal, the cast will have only worked in front of the production staff and is now ready to be given a sense of audience response. The final dress audience provides that energy required to launch the show and give crucial experience to the cast and crew. In turn, the final dress audience enjoys a sneak peek into the process that goes into creating Real. Live. Theater. We appreciate our non-profit partners’ participation in this vital process.

Harlequin offers full concessions service at the event.

Applications are accepted August 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016 for Season 2017 final dress slots.

Download Application